Live & Online Courses

Each course contains video content you can watch at any time!

Nov 24- Pain Workshop

Join Dr. Divi for a Day to Heal Pain

If you deal with pain & are ready to shift it you are in the right place!

Pain can debilitate us and truly take our joy out of life

Pain can be shifted – not just through physical manipulation.

If you have tried everything and are frustrated- join me!

The only thing that will stop you is YOU..

Get ready for the holidays with Transformation!

July 25 -Relationships


Join Dr. Divi for a 6 week on line webinar into Relationships.

We will explore:

  • The Relationships we enter
  • The patterns we create – what and why
  • How to heal the patterns if they dont serve us
  • Living a Conscious Co Creative Relationshp
  • How to increase our relationship with Our Selves & others

Come alone or come with a partner

Hump Day Consciousness

Join Dr. Divi for the magical Wednesday Hump Day Happiness Fix! Join us for a drop-in or longer!

These online events are incredibly popular & incredibly healing! You will shift, transform & heal.

Be part of an online group of similar minded people and deepen your awareness and practice of Mind Body Spirit skills!

The 30 Day LIVE Meditation & Coaching Challenge

meditation Dr. Divi Chandna

Join Dr. Divi as she leads you through a daily 30 minute meditation, where we will spend 30 days together shifting, transforming & deepening our connection with our Selves! LIVE Sessions run March 1st-30th 2018.

Ignite Your Inner Healer

Did you know that 85-95% of illness is directly related to stress? Stress is something we can do something about! This course will teach you, guide you, and take you onto the path of true self-healing.

Energize Your Life

This introductory six-week audio course will get you started to balance Mind-Body-Spirit today! This course was one of the first courses Dr. Divi taught and she scientifically studied her own students. She discovered a 75% reduction in stress scores when taking this course.

44 Day Meditation Course and Challenge

meditation Dr. Divi Chandna

Join Dr. Divi for a 44 day meditation challenge. She taught this course in 2016 and has had rave reviews from students. Each meditation is 15-20 minutes long and designed with the beginner in mind.

Heal Your Gut

Are you ready to heal your gut pain? Gut issues… irritable bowel syndrome, food in-sensitivities, ulcers, hiatus hernia, stomach pain, gallstones, colitis & much more will be discussed!

Healing Pain

Learn to heal physical pain in this six-week online course. You’ll learn to understand the mind, body spirit link to pain and understand the real tools to release fascia.

Heal Depression & Anxiety

Heal your anxiety and depression by understanding the latest studies on neuroplasticity in order to break free of drug-based therapies.

Beyond Addiction

You will move beyond the AA / NA / SA support groups and really embrace your life again! In order to understand a life outside of being a victim and truly learn to embrace your power again.

Self Empowerment

Understand who you truly are in the Mind Body Spirit dimension and break free of the one way road of loneliness and sadness. In this course you’ll learn how to feel better about yourself now.


Many of us grow up thinking that abundance is outside of ourselves. We see people around us with incredible abundance and others in profound lack. What are they doing that is different?