Join Dr. Divi LIVE for 30 Days of Meditation & Coaching!

Sessions run LIVE March 1st-March 30th for 30 minutes participants live on the call will also receive coaching! (Recordings will be provided)

 Join Dr. Divi as she leads you through a daily 30 minute meditation, where we will spend 30 days together shifting, transforming & deepening our connection with our Selves! 

Why Join this Challenge?

Those who join our live meditation challenge often will:
• Experience a greater sense of happiness, ease and joy throughout their life
• Develop a deeper relationship with themselves
• Learn to meditate
• Learn the Mind Body Spirit processes to help heal
• Learn how to use Universal Laws to help them manifest an amazing life
• Improve their relationships
• Greater their finances

Meditation – Coaching – Practice

Show up LIVE and get coaching individual for YOU in the group!

Sample Schedule (all times PST):

Like everyone – my schedule fluctuates depending on kid’s activities & more! This is a sample general schedule, and I will try to keep the times as close to below. There are a few days due to March Break or my son’s basketball games, that I may have to alter this slightly. But this gives you an idea:


Monday – 530 pm

Tuesday – 445 pm

Wednesday – 445 pm

Thursday – 530 pm

Friday –  530 pm

Saturday – 10 am

Sunday – 10 am

I have often found that if I vary the time, then you will have more times you can hop on! 



What technology do I need to attend the course?
Any Smart Phone or computer or Tablet or Phone (call in) will give you access to the course.
How does the coaching part work?
For those of you who have a webcam/camera on your phone – you can allow the program “Zoom” to access your camera. Then I can see and hear you & I will be able to speak with you directly within the group.
What type of coaching techniques do you use?
I am a physician, Mind Body Spirit Practitioner & Professional Intuitive. When I coach, I use intuition combined with Universal Law & Metaphysics to give you VERY concrete tips/advice on shifts you can make to help your current situation.
Are there certain types of things you coach on?
EVERYTHING! From relationships to money to personal fulfillment to life path and more! Bring it and I will guide you.
How do I watch the replay?
When you join us, you will get access to log into the website. All recordings will be stored there. You will have access FOREVER of these recordings. It will take a few hours to convert the video to be found on the website. 

Investment : $30 

I am excited and honored that you are joining us!


Course Content

Lessons Status
3 replies
  1. Shelley
    Shelley says:

    I am grateful for the recordings. I could not get onto the site tonight and was sad about this. Now it seems to be working. I am in Vancouver on a spring holiday starting tomorrow, so am bringing my laptop to join the group.. I love this 30 day class, thank-you.

  2. Amber Stevens
    Amber Stevens says:

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