Abundance – 12 Weeks

Many of us grow up thinking that abundance is outside of ourselves. We see people around us with incredible abundance & others in profound lack. What are they doing that is different?

Instructed by: Dr. Divi Chandna




This course will teach YOU how you can step into incredible abundance. Welcome to the course that will change your life forever! “Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance” – Eckhart Tolle

Abundance is a mindset
It takes 90 days to re-wire our subconscious mind. Because we have grown up to perceive lack, it takes time to re-wire those sub-conscious patterns. The Abundance Course will affect every area of your life.

Welcome to a 90 Day Abundance Program!
You will immerse yourself in a journey of health, healing, laughter & joy.
Watch out world – Here comes a NEW You!

Over 90 days, this on line or in person course will shift your inner belief systems forever!

You will receive:

  • One 60-minute video per week (broken into 10-15 minute sections)
  • You will be able to keep the videos & recorded calls to review forever!

This immersion is really meant to shake up the cobwebs and re-wire your brain! You will be surprised how easy abundance consciousness is and how it just takes practice!

What else is required of you?

  • On enrollment, you will receive a pre-requisite video (2 hours in length to view)
  • There will be 10-15 minutes of FUN homework per day.
  • An open mind, open heart & an open attitude!
  • A desire to shift & transform.
  • A sense of humor at yourself is helpful!