Energize Your Life

This Program is About You.  The work is designed to teach you & guide you to a more Amazing space of Health. This program is the HOW TO do that.. Step by Step.

Dr. Divi has seen that by doing this work regularly, YOU have the potential of shifting and altering your health dramatically TODAY! It is time to let go of whatever is slowing you down and take the training wheels off. It is time for you to maximize your wellness.

Investment: $135

What is the Energize Your Life Program?

Dr. Divi has compiled this incredible six week program designed to teach you how to self -heal. She has taken the salient features of thousands of intuitive healing sessions that she has done & put the information into this program. Many times, the intuitive sessions repeat themselves. In general, there are overlaps in many sessions. What Dr. Divi has done is taken the nuts and bolts of dozens of sessions and put them on a platter for you! This will fast-forward your learning and catapult your life into greater realms of healing & well-being. Dr. Divi has taught this course over many years – and has watched it evolve, shift & grow!

Does it Work?

People who did the Energize Your Life Program for six weeks noticed substantial changes in their stress levels & overall health & well-being.  Many people were able to reduce medications. Others were able to self-heal pain, irritable bowel syndrome, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety & more. The clinical effects were long lasting. The goal of the program is to teach you a variety of proven techniques that can help you to live a happier, healthier life!  People who did the program for six weeks, received a 33% reduction in Stress Scores. Those who repeated the same program for a total of 12 weeks, received a 55% decrease in Stress Scores.

Read the testimonials below. This is just a fraction of the testimonials Dr. Divi received regularly from her students.

How is it Formatted?

Dr. Divi has set it up as an easy to use 6 week audio CD program (with a few bonus tracks in there!) The 6 weeks are divided into: Two weeks of Mind, Three Weeks of Spirit & One Week of Body. The goal is to balance Mind-Body-Spirit.  When Mind-Body-Spirit are in balance, the health and our entire lives start to fall into balance!  Not only will you receive the audio program, but you will receive a power point slide presentation to keep you on track!  There are also daily meditations for each week that will help you to stay focused on the material & on your growth.

How Much Time Will it take?

This is a great question! The way that Dr. Divi has compiled the course is that it will only take you 15-20 minutes of meditation per day.  Once a week, the teaching material is between 35 -65 minutes. The course is not meant to be time consuming but time giving!  When we give ourselves a gift like this, we are actually nurturing our soul & feeding our greater health.

What if I’ve never meditated?

Perfect! That is even better! Dr. Divi’s meditations are always guided and she has taught many, many beginners. Don’t worry – you never ‘do meditation’, you only ‘practice it!’.

Dr. Divi scientifically studied this program. When people did this work regularly for as little as six weeks, their stress scores (using the Perceived Stress Score) decreased by 33% and when repeating the same program once for a total of twelve weeks, their stress scores dropped by 55% .

Dr. Divi completely believes in the power of her work. She is committed and believes in this method of healing. She believe so strongly in what she teaches, that she offers the program with a 30 day Money Back Gurantee.

Why not start to day?
Why not venture into the start of your new life?
Why wait another day feeling sick and tired?
Why continue to worry and seek outside help when the help is inside of you?
Join us today for this revolutionary transformation!


Anyone who purchases the Energize Your Life Program, will receive a complimentary copy of the Energize Your Life e-book!  You will receive this ground-breaking work as an audio download, the power point slides to accompany PLUS the workbook all at the same low price! You can get this program to revolutionize your life for $135- start today!

We all know that if you do nothing, that the chances of any significant shift in your health are very little. Most people who do nothing revert to their old habits & continue to do the things that created the problem to begin with!
Why wait? Why struggle anymore?

Today can be the first day of your new life!

Join us and start what tens of thousands of people have already learned – that there are significant ways to shift and heal your entire body, mind and life.


What people have said about Dr. Divi’s Energize Your Life Program:

“Thank you so much for your work Dr. Divi. Since I started taking your course, I have been able to drop my medications in half. As you know, I have been on anti-depressants for years, and your work was the first I have heard of that can help me function without them. Life is so much better without these medications. Thank you so much!”

“It has been my intention to acknowledge the very positive experience I had when taking your Energize Your Life program. I found your passion supporting preventive health strategies contagious; the dialogue insightful and helpful in promoting self awareness, self care and learning to take personal responsibility towards our own well-being.”

“I just completed the Energize Your Life Program. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou. I learned so many techniques or tools that are so easy that have already helped me in my life. The biggest thing for me was the affect the course had on my anxiety.
I am no longer anxious!! I have lived my whole life anxious, and the course taught me such great skills that I learned how to change my anxiety. Unbelievable. Even my husband comments about how much more calm I am. Thankyou Dr. Divi for Everything You Do.”

“Divi, I attended your programs and I made some friends there. We were all singing praises of your workshop. We all said we found working with you was amazing and changed our lives. I have told so many people about you and I cant wait to work with you again. I have found the work you taught me has completely changed my life. I am no longer afraid to socialize and meet new people. You are amazing. I’m passing the word around about your sessions.”

“I did a workshop with Dr. Divi. Wow! I am so amazed at what I learned. When I started the course, my leg was so swollen from a bad twist. I learned exercises of the mind that helped me to bring that swelling down. Then, during the course, I got back pain and I amazed myself that I could heal it myself without pills. This was amazing for me, as I have had back pain for years and am practically dependent on medications. Thank you Dr. Divi!”