Healing the Pain Body

Are you ready to heal your Physical Pain?

We will cover many areas in this elective and get to the ROOT of truly healing!

Cost $299


Over these six weeks you will learn a new and different approach to healing physical pain.

This is very different than anything you have done. You will

  • Understand the Mind body spirit link to pain
  • Start to understand you are not  crazy
  • Break free of the one way road of no relief to chronic pain
  • Understand the latest studies on fascia
  • Practice tools that have helped even those who feel at the end of their rope
  • Take your power back
  • Understand real tools to release the fascia
  • Learn how to stop the cycle of pain so you can live FREE in your body!
  • Never label yourself as a victim again
  • Feel alive and refreshed and a new start in the world!

How It Works

You will receive:

  • Weekly link of a video that is 45-60 minutes long.
  • At the end of each video will be a summary of the material covered.
  • You can watch the video as many times as you wish
  • One complimentary 15 minute phone or skype consult during the 6 week program.
  • This session is designed to help you personally & answer any questions about the material


$299 ($399 if you decide to enroll in any two electives)

  •  includes 6 weeks of life transformation videos PLUS
  • a number of meditations to help you shift through the pain body
  • a deeper understanding of why your physical body tightens and creates pain
  • real concrete methods on dealing with pain and how to release it
  • a way out with practical methods and techniques to help you shift
  • ONE 15 minute skype/phone consults with Dr. Divi to help you personally. (Value of $99)


We are so certain you will LOVE this elective, that we offer a 14 day Money Back Guarantee!