Ignite Your Inner Healer

Did you know that 85-95% of illness is directly related to stress? Stress is something WE can do something about! This course will teach you, guide you and take you onto the path of true Self-Healing.

Instructed by: Dr. Divi Chandna

Cost $249



Our bodies are innately healthy beings. Our bodies have an innate wisdom to them that cannot be denied. When the body or the mind presents with confusion, sadness, depression, pain, diabetes or really any illness there is a lack of balance – something is off the center mark. How do we figure out how to get back? How do we actually self heal? We answer all of these questions and take you on a journey of self healing over 12 weeks!

  • Are you ready to truly live?
  • Do you believe you can heal yourself – but you don’t know where to start?
  • The affirmations – You’re doing them but they aren’t working?
  • You have read all the books and have the knowledge, but are still hurting?

How is the workshop set up?

  • This workshop is set up with YOU in mind.
  • Do it at your own pace.

Over 90 days, you will receive:

  • (12) – 1 hour videos teaching you the guts of Mind Body Spirit Medicine
  • Each video is broken into 10-15 minute sections
  • These 90 days will excite, ignite & completely transform your health & be-ing!

Bonus: Keep the Videos Forever!
Refer back to them as often as you wish to go deeper!

What is covered in this course?
This course is unique in so many ways! It is devised to incorporate the science behind healing & emphasis on the HOW to. This is a combination of neuro-plasticity, psycho-neuro-immunology. law of attraction, energy medicine & medical intuition?

What is covered in each week?
Week 1: Health – Body, Mind, Emotions – Are they connected? If so, how – and scientific evidence of this connection.
Week 2: Understanding energy, emotions, momentum – how do they fit together & why they are important.
Week 3: What is energy and the emotional scale? How do we know our emotions/energy? What are belief systems around health? Do you have belief systems that may be stopping you in your health & life? Using our emotions to navigate our belief systems.
Week 4: Science behind Mind Body Spirit Medicine & introduction to Neuroplasticity. This helps us to really understand the belief systems we worked with in week 3 and to see how some of these may be challenged to create new belief systems based on the scientific evidence.
Week 5: Creating joy and self-empowerment in our lives. How do we do that? What does it feel like to have more joy and self-empowerment? Meditations geared towards who you truly are. Who are we in that Spirit space? What is Mind Body Spirit Medicine and how we embrace the Spirit.
Week 6 & 7: Working with our Shadow and Contrast. Working with shadow and the contrast is really the magic of this work. Where in our lives do we see those voices kicking in? What belief systems have we created about ourselves and how to shift that?
Week 8: How these energies from week 6/7 manifest in our body. Understanding that and how to shift it so that we can be more in the clarity. The more we do this the more we see that ?healing? is our natural state of being. In this week, you will hear of and see people experience incredible healing ? simply by awareness of this work.
Week 9: Practicing Love and appreciation more often & how to put this into your life more often.
Week 10: Depression, anxiety & forgiveness. We will touch on all three of these topics to help us understand the power of the mind to go into blame, past and future. Understanding this can be life-giving and intensely healing.
Week 11: The pain body – Learning what we have so far, what is the pain body & going deeper to shift and step into clarity.
Week 12: Healing Gut Issues & summary week and reviewing final concepts. Concluding thoughts, meditations & true application into our daily world.