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Level 3- Advanced Intuition Training

With Advanced Intuitive Training you’ll learn how emotions and belief systems impact the mind, body and life. Practitioners also tap into their intuition to provide clarity on specific emotions and beliefs that may be blocking the client’s life. Using this level in conjunction with the material from Levels 1 and 3 will completely transform your clients’ life. Level 3 is taught in a one-on-one setting with your instructor.

Instructed by: Dr. Divi Chandna, Lynnette Brown

Prerequisite: Level 1 & enrollment in Level 2

Investment: $5000


Advanced Intuition with Dr. Divi and Lynnette Brown is an amazing weekend course. They teach intuition in a fun and loving way. Jumping in fully and learning in intuition has been life changing and wonderful. I highly recommend this weekend to anyone wishing to deepen their intuitive abilities. – -Dr. Hailey Kanestar


The three day INTUITIVELY GUIDED PRACTITIONER certification training is held in person. Next location/dates TBA.

MODULE #1- Advanced Intuition and Self Healing

  • We delve deeper into how the principles of Metaphysics, the Laws of Energy, Divination, Mind Body Spirit Medicine, Self-Healing, Cognitive Science, and Laws of Attraction work with healing
  • Study advanced Chakras including how energy gets blocked and leads to illness, and how to keep the energy flowing freely
  • Understand the different modalities for accessing intuitive information: Clairaudience (Hearing), Clairvoyance (Seeing), Claircognizance, (Clear Knowing), Mediumship, Channeling, Telepathy, Telekinesis, symbols, Spirit Guides, Angeles, Ascended Masters…
  • Discover how to clear your third eye to receive clearer messages and quickly provide clarity for your clients
  • Get techniques to ‘turn’ your intuition on and off to avoid burnout
  • Learn how to protect yourself from picking up your clients’ energy
  • Refine your techniques to build client trust, maintain confidentiality, know when to refer to other mental and/or physical health practitioners

MODULE #2– Practitioner Skills

  • Select the best intuitive modalities to include in your practitioner toolbox
  • Discover how to see and interpret the intuitively guided information you receive regarding clients’ emotions, belief systems, patterns of self-sabotage, fears, anxiety, the root causes contributing to health issues …
  • Practice receiving divine guidance on actions clients can take and issues to shift in order to self-heal
  • Practice coaching others to shift and remove emotions and belief systems blocking their health (even subtle shifts can change everything)
  • Practice scanning, reading and working with auras, seeing and shifting energy
  • Experience giving and receiving intuitive readings to increase your skills and confidence
  • Recognize and shift your own emotions, belief systems, patterns of self-sabotage and fears to stay balanced
  • Tips to avoid the ‘Super Healer Syndrome’ and burnout
  • How to do intuitive readings remotely through services like Skype or email
  • How to continuing building your intuition after the course

STEP #3- Conscious Business Building

  • How to set up an intuitive coaching practice and business
  • Utilize your intuition to build and drive your divine Strategic Attraction plan
  • Intuitively know when to take action, or say no too opportunities, situations and people
  • Quickly determine things like when to hire, what to charge, where to locate…

Cost $5000 per person

3 payments of $1800 or 12 payments of $487.50

Contact us for payment plan inquiries by calling 604-739-3484 or email us.

Next intake begins Fall 2017, dates to be announced.


Yes! You can generate income while helping others!
• You will be taught how to start a business and attract in your idea clients to live the life of your dreams
• When added to Level 1 and 2 training, you will be unstoppable!
• You could establish your own business as a Coach who uses Intuition. We will even promote your service on our website. • Add Intuitive Coaching services to your existing group facilitation, health, wellness or intuitive practice.
• Intuitive Practitioners, who are well trained, are able to charge $175-$400 per hour and are sought out to truly help people heal and transform their lives.
Graduates have also applied their professional intuitive skills to other practices such as animal communication, career counselling, abundance, health, relationship and business coaching… ect
Intuition is a muscle. It can be developed and strengthened. Over three days you’ll get the tools, guidance and lots of opportunities to practice and sharpen your intuitive abilities. You also receive one-on-one feedback and coaching.
If you feel a pull or draw to this type of work then you are ready. If you still feel uncertain, fear could be getting in your way. We can help you shift these unconscious blocks. Call us at 604-739-3484.
Yes. You must successfully complete the LEVEL ONE: 3 Day weekend before enrolling in the Advanced Intuition Course
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