Weekend Immersion

Are you ready to heal and shift? 

Are you ready to understand the connection between our minds & emotions?

Are you curious if you could feel better?

Are you wondering if there is more to your mind & health & wellness than what you maybe doing?

This weekend can give you an idea if it is for you!

In This Weekend – you will start your immersion into Mind Body Spirit Healing .



The weekend  is designed to get you in touch with YOU.

You will get exposed to NEW concepts- New ways of thinking, New opportunities for hope, change & expansion

This is also a FABULOUS weekend if you are ever considering a path as a Mind Body Spirit Coach – you will get a real sense of what this is on the weekend.

It is often people’s first steps towards understanding themselves and starting their own healing.

Many times we ask the questions

“Who am I?” 

“Why is this happening to me?”

“Can I feel healthier?”

“How can I make this better?”

“Can I possibly shift this and be happier?”

Start  self healing, achieving greater happiness and increase your relationship with you.

What happens during the Weekend?

In this course learn 12 specific processes to help you answer these questions, practice them on yourself and practice with others. You will get a chance to help each others & yourself!

You will leave with:

-Deepen your awareness of yourself and who you are.

You will start to see your  patterns and learn techniques to change these patterns!

Feel shifts, healing within your body, mind & soul

-Profound clarity, hope & feel like there is HOPE  !

This course can be done online or in person

The course is interactive & FUN!

Instructed by: Dr. Divi Chandna

Investment: $299

Dates: Nov 17/18. Both days 10 am – 5 pm.

Location: 3270 West Broadway

Reserve your spot with the deposit or pay in full.

Full payment due 24 hours prior to the course beginning. 

If you choose to do the 12 Month Mind Body Spirit Coaching Training, the money from this course will be used towards that!

Deposit: $50

Full Payment: $299



“This course is an incredible opportunity to learn mind body spirit medicine in a very comprehensive and thorough way.  It is an incredible set of tools to help move people along their healing journey.  Dr. Divi is an amazing teacher and she has created real tool for working within mind-body-spirit work.  I use these teachings every single day.”    -Dr. Hailey Kanestar

“I just wanted to reach out to you and thank you for all you have done for me, you are such an incredible teacher and I have already learned and grown so much from this course, and it’s only the first month.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity in class last weekend to realize my own abilities and gain confidence and clarity that I really can do this that I can help, and that I am good enough.” – DI