Relationships – One Day – November 4

Join Dr Divi for a Fabulous Day in Relationships on November 4! 

Many of our stories about health, happiness & discord revolve around our Relationships.

Our relationships with:

  • Our family
  • Our partner / kids
  • Our boss
  • Our co-workers
  • Our friends
  • Our clients
  • The world
  • And of course OUR SELVES

If you think of all these relationships – are you truly happy & satisfied?

Is there a common theme? Do you always feel excluded, not heard, not seen, disrespected or feel like you need to be in charge or more? All of these relationships we are in are constant mirrors of something in us. Yes- we know that BUT What do we do?!?

In this one day event you will learn processes, techniques & experience DEEP HEALING in relationships.
These specific processes can CHANGE Everything…

You will receive individual coaching and learn to truly transform your relationships today!

Come alone.

Come with a spouse.

Come with your boss/friend/enemy.

This one day can change your life forever!

Date: Sunday, Sunday November 4

Time: 10 am – 5 pm

Location: Holiday Inn Vancouver- 711 West Broadway, Vancouver BC

Investment: $169.00

Register NOW as space is Limited.

Reserve Your Spot – $25.00 (Balance Due 24 hours prior to event)


Pay in full – $169.00

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