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The Center of Mind Body Spirit Medicine was founded by Dr. Divi Chandna, an internationally recognized Intuitive Coach. Our center located in  Vancouver offers personal coaching and Life Coach career training.


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Intuitive Coaching 

Are you wanting to get into deeper healing?

  • Relationships
  • Health Issues
  • Relationships
  • & More

Intuitive Coaching helps for all of these areas.

Work with Dr. Divi 1:1 and truly dive into your healing journey today! If you are truly ready to:

  • Live the life of your dreams
  • Heal your body ailments
  • Thrive in your relationships
  • Truly be happy

Then it is time for you to join Dr. Divi and dive deep!

Upcoming Classes

July 9 – August 13. Thursdays @ 530-7 pm PST

Abundance Class- Six Week Deep Dive!

Join Dr. Divi Chandna, Sharon Storoschuk and Christine Banno for a Six Week DEEP Dive into Abundance! At this time on the planet, the conversation of Abundance is a challenging one. With fear, conditioning and societal messages around lack being imposed daily, it is hard to hear our internal voices that are whispering, “maybe there is a different story to be told and lived here”.

This Six Week course will provide you with the tools and techniques to help guide you on your journey to a fully aligned, abundant life. You will challenge every belief you have about money, energy, hard work & more! Find out more..

Personal Coaching

Work one-one with Dr. Divi during personal life coaching sessions.

Online Healing Courses

Learn how to meditate, self-heal your body, mind, relationships and finances and more!

Careers in Life Coaching

Heal others by becoming a Certified Mind Body Spirit Coach.

Listen to head instructor, Dr. Divi’s Ted Talk

Learn the science behind Mind Body Medicine

Why choose the Center of Mind, Body, Spirit Medicine?

Hear what our past students have to say!

Career Training

This is my second Teacher Training at the College of Mind Body Spirit Medicine run by Dr. Divi Chandna, and it was phenomenal!! Over the course of the 4-day training, we delved deep within the subconscious mind and revealed layers of our Energy Fields. Dr. Divi had created a healing, sacred space, which allowed us to feel safe to share our vulnerabilities, shed tears, and connect with one another. The more we were willing to share, the more we came to understand the emphasis on true Empowerment and Self-Love.

– Frances

One-On-One Sessions

I have been seeing Dr. Divi for a year now and, for the most part, have been attending her Wednesday night group. Her teachings have helped me to dissolve habitual thought patterns that sabotage the healthy life I truly desire. It is work, but the simple tools she provides have taken me from feeling stuck and disempowered, to feeling inspired and empowered. I am grateful for the authenticity of her work. She is a true doctor; an amazing healer that promotes wellness on a core level. So Beautiful!

– Valerie V

Online Courses & Products

I feel very fortunate to have been directed to Dr. Divi. At a time in my life with many changes, crossroads and conflicting possibilities, I have found guidance and the tools to help me move forward on my path of growth and change. Dr. Divi has a unbelievable gift and I feel like this is truly a life changing experience. I will definitely recommend Dr. Divi and look forward to my next workshop!

– Martin

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