Work Directly with Dr. Divi

What types of issues will Dr. Divi coach and help me to shift?

The sessions are designed to meet your specific needs. Dr. Divi coaches clients on many areas of their lives including, relationships, health, abundance, career, life, mood and much more!


One visit with Dr Chandna can be life changing. Her abilities, wisdom and healing powers can move you through the biggest internal obstacles with both ease and grace. Am profoundly grateful to receive one of her healing sessions.


Dr Divi has been my phenomenal MD, Medical Intuitive and Mind Body Spirit Coach for 2+ years. With her model, she has listened to my concerns, helped me understand and resolve 25 years of digestive issues and taught me simple solutions to transform and maintain my health from the inside out. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect to feel this good at 67! 

dr divi